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Practice the THREE C’s:

Be Calm, Confident and Consistent

A good dog is a tired dog.

Please exercise your dog daily!


iPaw specializes in One-on-One training suitable for busy people. Recommended by veterinarians, we offer Interactive and Positive Reward Based Training.

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Clicker Training

Minimize problem behaviours, create an obedient dog or teach Fido tricks! Simple, challenging and fun for both of you, experience this "it" training tool!

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The Backup Plan

Suitable for overwhelmed or over-scheduled PetParents. iPaw will work with your dog while you work or do your chores.

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Tips on how to successfully train your dog:


The ‘Sit‘ cue teaches your dog to put his rear-end on the floor and make eye contact with you whenever the cue is given. He must hold that position until released. Start with your dog standing directly in front of you; let him sniff the treat in your hand. Begin moving your baited hand up and over his nose (hand signals are fun to create and are better observed than imagined). A hungry dog will follow the food lure by looking up at it. Contact us to find out more!


Practice in an area without distractions when your dog is having fun (e.g. with friends in the park). Say, “COME!” happily! Your dog should understand that ‘Come!’ doesn’t mean the end of his fun: just a nice break. Do not say ‘Come!‘ if you suspect your dog will fail to comply. If you use a toy as a reward (throw the toy behind you -- the direction in which he’s traveling—for best results)…Use your dog’s momentum. Contact us to find out more!


The Crate is a great tool for puppy housetraining. Make a good first impression of the crate: make it nice and comfy with a pad or blanket before introducing it to your puppy. For the first couple of days, set up the crate in a high traffic area where you spend the most time (e.g. living room or kitchen). Leave a couple treats at the back of the crate for him to discover on his own. Contact us to find out more!


Decide where the potty area will be. if an accident does occur in the house Interrupt your dog (without frightening him), and then immediately take him to his new potty area. Let him do his business. Reward your puppy every time he eliminates in the new potty area. What’s a reward? Contact us to find out more!


How do I leave them wanting more? 1. Exercise your dog vigorously and regularly before training. This allows focus. 2. Know what motivates your dog. Motivators include treats, toys, off-leash walks and affection. These become more valuable when withheld. 3. Keep training sessions short, to keep your dog interested. Obsessive and over-stimulated dogs with no impulse control will probably ignore you. Contact us to find out more!


Dogs pull on the leash because pulling gets them what they want. Think about it. The dog wants to sniff a tree and moves toward it. This stresses the leash. You follow him over to the tree, and he gets to sniff the tree. From the dog’s point of view, he wins: the pulling got him to the tree! Don’t teach your dog to pull! Contact us to find out more!

Some of our wonderful clients have said:

Tracey Plevy

"We cannot thank Dee, Nori and their dog Upstream enough for the help they provided with our Zoe & Rudy. Our two little dogs loved to bark and when one starts the other joins in. Dee showed us what we needed to change and worked with us to make these changes..."


"I wanted to thank you so much for training both Brody and myself! He learned so much from our 3 lessons together, and so did I. Brody couldn't wait for each lesson that you had with him, and he loved seeing you..."

Linda and Evita

"Dear Dee, Thank you so much for helping us with our puppy Archie who had become quite unmanageable. As first-time dog owners, we really needed knowledge, guidance and reassurance..."

Nat, Amanda & Maya

"Dee was an excellent instructor. We learned so much about training our pup and had a great time doing it."

Nick & Finnegan

"Dee was very enthusiastic in the class and made the training class fun for our puppy. She demonstrated great knowledge of dog behaviour and training. We were happy to have our puppy join iPaw."

Chris, Emily & Aubrey

"Innovative and essential techniques! My dog, Aubrey, always looked forward to seeing Dee. She will miss you the most."

Anne & Tup

"Dee made our dog training classes enjoyable and created a positive environment for my puppy to learn & grow. Thank you!"

Denise & Suki

Dee showed me how to calmly motivate my dog to do what I expect and always welcomed any questions. Thanks Dee Morita!"

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