The Backup Plan

This package is created in response to many PetParents' requests.
Many PetParents have very busy schedules.  At the end of a long day at work you often have other chores to do, so now you can get help training and walking your dog/puppy without having to be there!


The Backup package consists of 9 sessions.  We need to meet with you for the first and last sessions only.

In our first session, we discuss your training goals, special instructions on your furry friend and for your home etc.  A registration form is to be completed in this session.

Since a tired and hungry dog is easier to train, we walk and play with your dog/puppy throughout our training sessions. 

In our last session, it's Show and Tell time!  See your dog in action and learn the "How to's".

The Backup Plan fee is $399 for 9 private sessions.  Full payment is due in our first session.

Please contact us to get started.

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