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Some of our wonderful clients have said:

"We cannot thank Dee, Nori and their dog Upstream enough for the help they provided with our Zoe & Rudy. Our two little dogs loved to bark and when one starts the other joins in. Rudy loved to bark at anything that moved. Dee showed us what we needed to change and worked with us to make these changes. It was amazing how when we changed what we were doing the dogs responded. There knowledge and most importantly understanding of animal behaviour was amazing. They are our dog whisperers!!!!! If you needs help with their animals please talk to iPaw."

-Tracey Plevy

"I wanted to thank you so much for training both Brody and myself! He learned so much from our 3 lessons together, and so did I. Brody couldn't wait for each lesson that you had with him, and he loved seeing you. Your patience, knowledge and passion were evident at every lesson. Everything that I wanted Brody to learn, he learned from you and I could not have done it without you. You answered all of my questions even if it meant staying past our allotted time. I can't wait to refer you to anyone I know who gets a new puppy.Thank you so much!"


"Dear Dee, Thank you so much for helping us with our puppy Archie who had become quite unmanageable. As first-time dog owners, we really needed knowledge, guidance and reassurance. You showed us calm and firm discipline, rewarding when deserved, and gave us the tools to be more confident with Archie. He is truly a much improved puppy and we will continue to use your techniques because they work. Archie says "Woof Woof" (thank you) too !"

-Linda and Evita

"Dee was an excellent instructor. We learned so much about training our pup and had a great time doing it."

- Nat, Amanda & Maya

"Dee was very enthusiastic in the class and made the training class fun for our puppy. She demonstrated great knowledge of dog behaviour and training. We were happy to have our puppy join iPaw."

- Nick & Finnegan

"Innovative and essential techniques! My dog, Aubrey, always looked forward to seeing Dee. She will miss you the most."

- Chris, Emily & Aubrey

"Dee made our dog training classes enjoyable and created a positive environment for my puppy to learn & grow. Thank you!"

- Anne & Tup

"I’m glad Suki took me to Dee’s fun, informative and supportive class! Suki was very shy at first and didn’t know how to socialize with other dogs but with Dee’s knowledge in dealing with dog behaviour, Suki has become confident and trusts me more. Dee showed me how to calmly motivate my dog to do what I expect and always welcomed any questions. Thanks Dee Morita!"

- Denise & Suki, Vancouver

"Dee was very receptive and understanding of any issues we had with Della in the beginning and worked with us immediately to find ways to change Della's negative actions into positive ones. It also became very clear during instruction that most of the time, we were the ones not clearly communicating to Della what we wanted her to do or we easily gave up and didn't give her a chance to process our requests. The class was nice and small and the room was safe so that Della could wander around and we didn't have to worry about her. Dee gave us point form notes at the end of each session to REMIND us what to review with Della on a daily basis and we were amazed at how easy it was to teach her something new if we just took 5 minutes each day to go over it (with a treat of course :))."

- Jane & Della

"Dee's classes are fun and interactive. The information and skills she provided has proved to be very useful bringing you and your dog closer. Dee is always one phone call away if you have any questions. I would highly recommend her to new dog owners. Thank you again for helping me."

-(Cyrille) and Capone

"iPaw is fun! I would recommend it for big or small dogs, as I have both."

- Lorraine, Rufus & Milo

"Dee’s classes were a rewarding learning experience for both Buddy and me. By the 4th week, eager for his lesson, Buddy hopped into the car all by himself (an ‘untrained’ accomplishment). Dee invited all questions adding to the informative value of the lessons."

- Josephine Shutty & Buddy

"I just wanted to tell you, Dee, that you are very great! and I've learned so much from training with you, and made me realize that determination, patience, and lots of LOVE are key to getting Sasha to be the best dog that she is. Thank you!"

- Regine

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