About Dee and Nori Morita

Dee Morita, Animal Behaviour College Certified Dog Trainer

My passion for dogs led me to professional certification in dog training at Animal Behaviour College (ABC). Through the ABC Externship Program, I met Georgina Bradley, founder of DogStars, who has been a tremendous influence on my career. I continuously update my knowledge by attending conferences, networking with other pet professionals and by reading as many books as I can get my hands on. For example, I participate in the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Annual Conferences and Tradeshows and am certified in Emergency First Aid (Canine) from DOGSAFE Canine First Aid. I believe that the first step in training your dog is to understand its instincts and motivators. All dogs have different temperaments and genetic backgrounds. iPaw works with you to create eclectic strategies for your dog's success.

Most recent accomplishments:

- Growl Class Workshop for Reactive Dogs by Dr. Ian Dunbar

- Dr. Ian Dunbar's SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy

- Animal Reiki Practitioner

- Animal Psychology course

- K9 Nose Work seminar

- Brenda Aloff: Get Connected Training Clinic

- Nicole Wilde Seminar: Fearful Dogs & Creative Client Coaching

- Jean Donaldson Seminar: Dog Behaviour The Science Made Accessiblep>

- Dr. Sophia Yin Workshop: Raising the Perfect Dog: Identifying and Avoiding Unwanted Behaviours

- Dr. Stanley Coren's lecture

- Volunteering with "Tippet", our JRT, at seniors' homes through Pets and Friends (social visits to enhance quality of lives).

A summary of my career path:

- Judge’s Assistant at an international dog show in 1995

- Volunteered at Burnaby SPCA and Pacific Assistance Dogs (PADS)

- Dog Handler for Wells Fargo employee appreciation event (DogStars)

- Animal Handler for computer screensaver production (DogStars)

- Puppy Trainer for Walt Disney Pictures

- Participation in Canada Day parade (DogStars)

- Participation in the "Dog Day Afternoon" Canine Awareness and Emergency Preparedness Community Initiative

Nori Morita, Trainer's Assistant & Back Office

My background includes specialization in teaching to adult learning principles, corporate training and promoting second language acquisition. With Dee, I help you achieve your goals with pacing and efficacy.

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